This is a training course for Auxiliary Members that are interested in supporting the Coast Guard Recruiting mission. To enroll in this course you must be actively pursuing this qualification and have been given permission to enroll.

The Coast Guard Food Services Program and the AUXFS Program requires annual sanitation training. This course is designed to provide information and guidance on sanitation, food safety, and workplace safety and to inform AUXFSs of Coast Guard policies on food service sanitation and safety.

This course provides learners with instruction on how to use the new AAMS Auxiliary, Applicant Management System.

The Auxiliary Clergy Support Program expands the Religious Ministry capacity within the Coast Guard to better meet the needs of Coast Guard members.This course provides Core Training for Auxiliarists  who hold current clergy credentials and are enrolled in the Clergy Support Program.  

This course is designed to assist you in working with travel orders and expense claims.

This course is designed for those seeking qualification to provide fingerprinting. This is required for PSIs as well as REC support.

This Mini-Course provides a basic overview of how to update your AUX Directory and Skills Bank information.  It also provides guidance on how to use the Skills Bank Dashboard.