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Welcome to the Auxiliary Online Classroom

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Welcome to the Auxiliary Online Classroom
by Dale Fajardo-admin - Saturday, September 27, 2014, 12:39 PM

Please Log In to Access Course Content 

You have access to over 30 online courses such as the Flotilla Leadership Course, Administrative Procedures Course, various Public Affairs Courses, and more! Login to get started!

NACON 2014 Presentations are Available

If you would like to view the training presentations from NACON 2014 in Orlando, they're available here.

Recently Revised: Administrative Procedures Course 

The Administrative Procedures Course has been revised with a simplified Study Guide and updated exam on NTC. Click here for more details. 

N-Train Presentations are Available 

Visit the N-Train 2013 Presentations area to view presentations made to District Directorate Chiefs in January 2013 during N-Train 2013 held in St. Louis.

New Member Course Available

We encourage prospective members take the New Member Course as a guest to complete their membership application. Click here and if necessary, click on the Login as a guest button if you are presented a login page, to access the course.

After reading the Chapter materials, complete the exam for submission with your membership application. Additional information may be found the on the Human Resources Website and CG Auxiliary Recruiting Website.

Mini Courses 

New short online training videos and courses are available in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Online Classroom on various subjects such as: 

  • Emailing documents securely using password-protected zip files
  • How to change member information using 7028 Webform
  • How to install and use the Google Drive
  • Introduction to using Gmail with your email address
  • Taking a tour of the T-Directorate Website 

Login to get started! To learn how to obtain a Login and Password for use with the Auxiliary Online Classroom, AuxDirectory, Skills Bank, and other Auxiliary online resources, please view this video.  

Don't Forget to Send Your Feedback

Please give us your suggestions by sending your feedback to the National Help Desk (pick the T-Training>Aux eLearning category).


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