Auxiliary Core Training (AUXCT):  AUXCT contains a series of courses that members must take as a one-time requirement upon joining the Auxiliary and/or recertify once every five years.  This section includes: 

  • The AUXCT CORE Certification Portal has 6  required certification courses as well linkage to the FEMA ICS100/IS700 courses ( Note:  ICS210 is coming soon)
  • Basic Qualification Course (BQC)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens 
  • Covid19 awareness course ( optional) 

This is the new Basic Qualification course recommended for all Auxiliarists.  Based on the Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN), Auxiliary Members who are familiar with the customs, traditions and history of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, understand our Missions and Programs, the organizational structure, the policies and regulations that guide us, and understand the protocols and proper uniform wear will be far better prepared to serve the Coast Guard than less knowledgeable Members.

This training is required for all Auxiliarists. It covers the same topics as the Bloodborne Pathogen course found in the AUX LMS.