Core Training:  This section includes Basic Qualification Course,  Core Certification Portal, Bloodborne Pathogens and the Covid19 awareness course.

This is the new Basic Qualification course recommended for all Auxiliarists.  Based on the Auxiliary Manual (AUXMAN), Auxiliary Members who are familiar with the customs, traditions and history of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, understand our Missions and Programs, the organizational structure, the policies and regulations that guide us, and understand the protocols and proper uniform wear will be far better prepared to serve the Coast Guard than less knowledgeable Members.

The goals of the seven Module units are to provide you with a basic level of knowledge upon which you can build your volunteer “career” in the Auxiliary and effectively work with active duty members of the Coast Guard.  Upon completion of all seven modules, you will have a strong basis of knowledge about the key aspects of working with the Coast Guard as an Auxiliarist.

This is a portal for Auxiliary Core Training.  Each Section contains links and resources related to the Core Training (AUXCT) courses to include the 2 FEMA ICS courses.

This course covers the same topics at the same level as the BBP course in the AUX LMS.

This course is provided as a service for all auxiliary members.  It provides factual information regarding COVID-19 and provides insight into coping with daily activities.