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The AUXOP, or "Operational Auxiliarist" Program is an advanced training program available to members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary who wish to increase their practical relevance to Coast Guard missions, and better assist the Coast Guard to fulfill needed skill sets. Members who successfully complete their training are authorized to wear the prestigious AUXOP Device, shown here, and their membership level advances from Initially Qualified (IQ) or Basic Qualified (BQ) to Operational Auxiliarist (AX), or just "AUXOP".

The program has sometimes been called the "Ph.D of the Auxiliary", and members who attain AUXOP status should be justly proud of their accomplishment, increased utility to the Auxiliary and to the Coast Guard, and in their ability to serve as role models for their shipmates.

AUXCOM, the Auxiliary Communications Specialty course, focuses on radio communications for the Auxiliary and Coast Guard, providing broad knowledge of the fundamental principles underlying communications systems in use by both the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary

This course is intended to train the Auxiliary weather specialist in the art of practical meteorology. The main focus will be on weather assessment for surface operations, but some attention will be paid to issues particular to air operations.